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TMF Group Pledges To Complete A Room At New Peebles Hospital

By : on : October 17, 2014 comments : (Comments Off on TMF Group Pledges To Complete A Room At New Peebles Hospital)

TMF GREEN TEAMThe Green Team at TMF (BVI) Ltd. has pledged to complete the ‘Activities of Daily Living Area’ located in the Physiotherapy Unit of the new Peebles Hospital by the end of this year.

The ‘Activities of Daily Living Area’ is a rehabilitation suite that is used to create a home like setting to prepare patients to function optimally in their own home environment. This area includes the essential components of a home such as a bedroom suite, living area, laundry area and kitchen area.

According to Physiotherapy Manager, Dr. Michelle Leslie, “We serve many patients with different illness and injuries. Some patients require physiotherapy in areas to preform daily tasks and chores. The ‘Activities of Daily Living Area’ is such an essential component of our rehabilitation services and I know it will serve our community well.  Patients that are recovering from a stroke, surgery, or injury will benefit greatly from this generous donation from the TMF Green Team.”

Dr. Leslie went on to expound by saying “When we are well, we often time do not notice that our bodies serves us in many capacities; to bend and stretch or twist and turn to preform daily chores, like cooking, cleaning, laundry, getting in and out of bed and so on. However after a medical illness or injury that results in our mobility being impaired even slightly, we may need re-training. This will help our body to heal and prevent further injury.

The Green Team at TMF delivered the microwave and coffee maker that will be placed in the kitchen area of ‘Activities of Daily Living Area’.

The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority sincerely thanks the Green Team at TMF Group as their donation will aid substantially in supporting the rehabilitation needs of our clients.'

Graeme Randle


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