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Medical Records

The Medical Records Unit maintains and safeguards the confidentiality of medical record information ...

Infection & Prevention

The primary functions of our Unit are: To perform comprehensive surveillance for health care associa...


The Pharmacy Unit is committed to providing a pharmacy service that will ensure optimal drug therapy...

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics offers the full spectrum of women’s health care servic...



The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority is managed by a Board of Directors

The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority is managed by a Board of Directors who sets the strategic direction for the administration of the hospital and community health services through the development of strategic planning and to determine the needed polices for the provision of health services based on the health care needs of t...

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The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority Act 2004 states in part: The Board of Directors shall appointment top managers

Chief Executive Officer Paula Chester-Cumberbatch   Executive Team Director of Hospital Services (Operations) – Cedorene Malone-Smith Financial Comptroller  – Angelina John Chief of Medical Staff  – Dr. June Samuel, MD Director of Nursing – Gretchen Hodge-Penn Director of Community Health Services – Lucy Martin Director of In...

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Hospital/Operations Services provides support service to our medical services.

Client Services Unit Client-centered care is care that is organized around the client. Partnership is encouraged between the client, the family and the healthcare team to provide care that meets the needs of the client. Client-centered care considers the preferences of the client and family in the planning, delivery and evaluation of care, th...

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The vision of the Financial Services Department is to consistently provide excellent and timely service to patients,

staff, other departments, and all stakeholders of the BVIHSA; while being highly professional, accountable, transparent and collaborative in all work performed and in all interactions with colleagues. The Financial Services Department of the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) oversees all financial operations through th...

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Our Community Health Services offers a wide-range of primary and preventive health services to families and individuals

of all ages and backgrounds. Our dedicated, client-centered team of providers, nurses and support staff provide a continuous source of high quality, comprehensive and affordable medical care to Virgin Islands residents and visitors. Our Community Health Services focus on prevention and are designed to help people lead healthier lives. The ser...

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