Perinatal Conference Schedule 2018
“Quality Care! Preparing for the Unexpected”

Wednesday May 2

Opening Ceremony


(New Peebles Hospital, Chapel)

Thursday May 3

Celebrating Midwives

8:50am- 9:50am

(New Peebles Hospital, Chapel)
“Midwives, Leading the Way in Quality Care”**
Partnering with Families Throughout Pregnancies

Perinatal in the BVI

10:15am- 10:55am

(New Peebles Hospital, Chapel)
Perinatal Statistics I & II

Pain Management in Delivery

11:00am- 12:00pm

(New Peebles Hospital, Chapel)
Anaesthetic Management in Labour
Pain Management During Labour using Natural Methods**



(New Peebles Hospital, Lobby)
Recognizing the Delivery in Jeopardy

Friday May 4

Preparing for Unexpected Delivery Outcome


(New Peebles Hospital, Chapel)
Coping with Pregnancy Loss**
Recognizing Post-Partum Blues

NICU Perspective


(New Peebles Hospital, Chapel)
Challenges in the Management of Premature Babies
Multi-disciplinary Case Presentation

Neonatal Resuscitation


(New Peebles Hospital, New Peebles Hospital, 5th Floor)
Resuscitation of the Newborn

The NICU Experience


(New Peebles Hospital, Lobby)
“My Experience in NICU”**
Launch of NICU Support Group

Saturday May 5

Health Walk**


(New Peebles – CSY Boat Dock- Noel Lloyd Park)
“Midwives Leading the Way in Quality Care!”

** Invitation extended to non-medical persons.

cme credits will be awarded!