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Rosalind Penn Clinic

Services Offered

Antenatal Care – Caring for pregnant women from the beginning of the pregnancy to birth of the baby.

Available methods – Abstinence counseling, injections, oral pills, IUDs, Tubal Ligation and Condoms. Information is available on other forms of contraception as needed.

Child Health Clinic (Well-baby Clinic) – Wellness checks and immunizations for babies, infants and children up to age five.

Chronic Disease Management – Offers care and treatment to all persons with chronic diseases. These include conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and Asthma.

Doctors Clinic– This clinic provides care and treatment to persons who are ill, treats minor injuries, treats and manages persons with chronic disease such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and conduct wellness checks for persons seeking yearly or employment physicals.

Family Planning – This clinic caters to women and men of childbearing age, offering various forms of contraception and counseling on child spacing and contraceptive use.

Home Visits – These services are offered during working hours to persons within the home environment and include persons who are housebound, recently discharged from hospital or mothers with new babies.

Post Natal Care – Caring for mothers and newborns during the first six weeks after birth to ensure that both mother and baby remain free of complications. These checks can be done in the home environment or at the health care facility.

Wound Care services – provide care for persons with cuts, bruises, other injuries and chronic ulcers.


Contact Rosalind Penn Clinic

Area Nurse : Cherry-Ann George-Smith
Charge Nurse : Suzette Williams
Location : Long Look, Tortola
Phone : 284-852-7755 or 284-852-6850
Email :

Operating Hours

8:30am – 4:30pm : Mon – Fri