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Red Cross Donates $5,500 To New Peebles Hospital Emergency Room

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Red cross donationThe BVI Red Cross donated $5,500 to outfit the Emergency Room in the new Peebles Hospital on Tuesday, August 26th, in the lobby of the new Hospital.

The BVI Red Cross Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Lewis Hunte, QC presented the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. John I. Cline with the donation.

When making his presentation Mr. Hunte stated that “It is a pleasure to have the name of the BVI Red Cross added to the growing numbers of contributors and this is not the first occasion that the BVI Red Cross has donated to the Hospital.”

He added, that the BVI Red Cross donated the first incubator to the current Peebles Hospital over 45 years ago, and as a humanitarian organisation which focuses on alleviating human suffering, protecting life and ensuring respect for human beings, the donation to the emergency room is most fitting.

The BVIHSA Chairman expressed when accepting the donation that as a child he recalls stories of his younger brother Ron Cline, born at roughly two pounds, being the first child in the Virgin Islands to be placed in an incubator.

Mr. Cline went on to thank the members of BVI Red Cross and said that “The BVI Red Cross is well known for their community services and the BVI community and Peebles Hospital have benefitted a great deal from their acts of selflessness.”

Red Cross is globally known as a humanitarian organisation that provides emergency care during disasters and other crises. The BVI Red Cross provides auxiliary services to the community by offering training in first aid and home health care aides, prostate screening, and building community resilience through their Disaster Risk Reduction programme amongst many other services.

Persons interested in making a contribution to outfitting the new Peebles Hospital, can contact at 852-7655 or 852-7511.'

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