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PodiatryMany times the problems in your feet and ankles go away with time, rest, ice, anti-inflammatories  and shoe gear changes. Sometimes those problems won’t go away, and that’s when you probably need a podiatrist’s help and expertise.

If you have any of the following on your lower extremities you should make and appointment right away.

  • A Wound or Sore That Does Not Heal
  • Foot Discolorations
  • Pain and Swelling in One Foot
  • Numbness, Burning and Tingling
  • Pain That Increases with Activity
  • Severe Pain Lasting more than 24 Hours
  • Foot Pain with Legs Elevated
  • A Deformity that Progresses Suddenly
  • Arch of One Foot Flattens
  • A Mole that Changes
  • A Lump or Bump that Grows or Hurts