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BVIHSA Expresses Gratitude For Financial Donations

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Nevis Alliance Progressive Society (NAPS)The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority wishes to thank members of the community for their generous donations towards outfitting the new Peebles Hospital.
The following donations were received within the following categories:

In Honor of Amount Donated By
Carris and Cotilda Penn $1,000.00 Anonymous
Halliday Insurance LTD $1,000.00 James Winston Halliday Sr.
Esmie E. Stoutt $1,000.00 Esmie E. Stoutt
NAPS $1,000.00 Nevis Alliance Progressive Society (BVI)
In Memory Of
Corrine Brewley $6,800.00 National Bank of the Virgin Islands

Functional Areas
Imaging $1,500,000.00 Social Security Board
Pediatric Ward $4,000.00 C. Malone and Children
Nursery/NICU $250.00 Elihu Rhymer
General Building $1.00 Anonymous
General Building $500.00 Church of God World Missions
General Building $1,000.00 The New Testament Church of God
General Building $100.00 Allan Penn
General Building $150.00 Madge Choucoutou

According to the Director of Hospital Services Mrs. Cedorene Malone-Smith, “The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority is grateful for every donation received. Although persons are contributing for a variety of reasons they share a common goal, and that is to assist in outfitting a great healthcare facility to benefit the Virgin Islands.”

Mrs. Malone-Smith went on to say that she sincerely encourages individuals and businesses to donate to the new Peebles Hospital as their donations are aiding in strengthening a large part of the Virgin Islands legacy.

The new Peebles Hospital Pledge Programme was launched earlier in the year as a collaborative effort between the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority and the Ministry of Health and Social Development. Persons interested in making a donation can call 852-7655.'

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