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Persons Encouraged To Donate Blood

By : on : January 20, 2014 comments : (Comments Off on Persons Encouraged To Donate Blood)

The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) would like to encourage members of the community to visit the Lab at Peebles Hospital and donate blood for the blood bank reserve.

Persons between the ages of 18 to 65, more than 110 pounds, in good health, and did not suffer with an illness within the last month can contact the Lab at 852-7571 or 852-7572.

All blood types are welcomed, however persons with Type O are strongly encouraged to donate as Type O blood group is known as the universal donor, which means it can be given to people with other blood types such as A, B, or AB blood groups.

The Lab at Peebles Hospital collects and stores healthy blood that will be used in the event that a blood transfusion is needed.  Blood transfusions are needed when an individual have depleted their level of blood to below the level to sustain life.  It is critical that the blood bank maintains an adequate supply of blood at all times and donations are vital.  The blood bank uses blood year round during emergency treatment of injury, cancer, anemia and for use during surgery.

The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority is committed to deliver excellent, compassionate, and client-centred healthcare in the Virgin Islands.'

Graeme Randle


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