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Nutrition 2Nutrition services are available to in-patients of all ages  – (These include new-born, infant, children, adolescent, adult, and geriatrics). Nutrition services are also extended to out-patients and public health /community.

Nutrition 1 In the hospital setting, when patients are admitted, they are provided with three (3) meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), with the inclusion of two (2) snack periods (morning and afternoon).  We provide regular and therapeutic diets to patients as prescribed by the physician. Meals are prepared under the guidance of applying the re-known international foodservice standards using the HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point) system so as to meet proper food safety measures. There is also mechanisms in place to test nutrient analysis outcomes which is readily retrieved from our relatively newly instituted foodservice management software program. In essence, patients would be guaranteed that the delivery of meals are safe and healthy thus supporting measures to ensure a speedy recovery. Nutrition 3

In addition, Nutrition Services are offered in the community in the form of individual counseling, group counseling as well as nutritional food demonstrations targeted through the public health clinics, churches, schools, NGOs and other agencies who from time to time request the services of the Nutrition Unit in promoting healthy lifestyles.