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Medical records

The Medical Records Unit is the custodian of patient’s Medical Records. Our services renders are:

  • Providing patient medical records and information
  • Ensuring that the medical records contain sufficient information to identify the patient
  • Ensuring that there are supporting diagnosis to justify the treatment
  • Ensuring that documents are accurate and complete
  • Ensuring that patient’s information remains confidential

We focus on health care data and the management of the patient’s medical record.

  • We collect, process, analyze, store, retrieve, distribute and communicate the health information that is necessary for patient care.
  • This information is also used for research, planning, education, financial reimbursement and the evaluation of the quality of health care services.
  • With the introduction of the computerized medical record in 2013 all persons accessing service at BVIHSA are given an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).
  • Contribute to protecting the legal interest of the patient, the staff and the BVIHSA.

How To Obtain A Copy Of Your Medical Record or Request A Medical Report?

You may obtain copies or request a medical report by completing the  AUTHORIZATION FOR USE AND DISCLOSURE OF PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION FORM.  

To help us expedite your request please take note of the following when completing this form:

  • Please print clearly.
  • Be sure to indicate dates of treatment for records needed.
  • Be sure to indicate specific type of records being requested (e.g., lab results, physical therapy, emergency department).
  • If records being requested are clinic records, please indicate specific clinic(s).
  • Specify the reason that you are requesting these records (e.g., continued care, legal, insurance, personal reasons, etc.).
  • Sign the authorization form (Patient/Executor/Legal Representative must sign for their own medical record, in the case of a minor the parent or legal guardian must sign).
  • Include the FULL name and COMPLETE address to whom you would like these records sent.
  • Include a picture ID copy.

If you have any questions with regards to completing this form or release of information in general please contact us.