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Dr. Gopala’s Memorial Service

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The Board of Directors, executive team and the entire staff of the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority extend sincere condolences to the family and friends of our former colleague and friend Dr. Gopala Sadahalli.

We celebrated his life on Tuesday, 16th September with a Memorial Service held in the lobby of the new Peebles Hospital.

Tribute from Dr. Gopala’s wife, Dr. Geetha & Family

Dear All,
Words are insufficient to describe the pain, loss, agony and grief that we as a family are going through. My heart aches endlessly and tears flow down and I find it difficult to comprehend and put my thoughts together at this very difficult time.  Our family would have loved to be there in the B.V.I as Dr. Gopala’s life is being celebrated and the fact that his life has touched so many others and our lives were touched by so many.  As I spoke about returning home to India one day, as my eldest son was in India, Dr.Gopala said the B.V.I is my family, my heart is here and this is my home. Little did my family know how aptly he had called it home. Yes, we all agree home is where the heart is.

As a family, as we struggle to find an inkling of solace in the numerous messages posted, the tributes written and the memorial service that is being conducted on his behalf we are very grateful and thankful to the community of B.V.I and one and all who put their work aside and went beyond their line of duty and organised a beautiful memorial service on behalf of my husband who was my world.

We are extremely grateful to the BVIHSA ,The Chief of Medical Staff, the staff of Peebles Hospital and the people of the B.V.I who made our stay in the B.V.I a true blessing. We are thankful to have worked in one of the world’s most beautiful places and to have been a part of the lives of the people and the community of B.V.I. Amen.

Thank you,
Dr. Geetha & Family.Booklet cover'

Graeme Randle


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