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Client Services

Client-centered care is care that is organized around the client. Partnership is encouraged between the client, the family and the health care team to provide care that meets the needs of the client. Client-centered care considers the preferences of the client and family in the planning, delivery and evaluation of care, thus improving quality, safety and client satisfaction.

The Client Services Unit promotes a culture of client-centered care by:

  • capturing client feedback through surveys, focus groups and interviews which will be used help improve services.
  • helping clients navigate through the BVIHSA health care system more efficiently.
  • raising the awareness of BVIHSA’s employees and clients regarding client-centered care.
  • collaborating with the other members of the performance improvement team to ensure quality and safety in the organization.

Listening to the voice of the client is a very important aspect of client-centered care. Patient Satisfaction Surveys are one method used to give our clients input into the improvement of our services.

There are three service area surveys available: In-patient, Emergency Room, and Out-patient. Patient Satisfaction Surveys for in-patients will be made available on admission. On the day of discharge patients are to complete the survey and drop it into the survey receptacle box located outside the unit (OB and Surgical) or inside the unit (Medical).

Clients who are accessing out-patient services including clinics, emergency room, dialysis and physiotherapy are asked to complete the appropriate survey for the service accessed and drop it into the survey receptacle box located inside or outside the unit.

The Client Services Unit is located on the first floor of Peebles Hospital next to the Radiology office feel free to drop by or give us a call.