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BVIHSA Improves Standards on Medical Ethics

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Members of the Ethics and Education Committee, Executive Team, Medical Services Department, and Legal Unit within the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) met with Dr. Derrick Aarons, MBBS who is the Ethicist at the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).

The meeting was held, in the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and topics included, establishing a health care ethics committee, strengthening the Ethics and Education Committee, improving clinical practice policies and regulations, as well as charting the way forward to meeting international standards on medical ethics.

BVIHSA GROUPDr. Derrick Aarons, MBBS is also a consultant Bioethicist/Palliative Care & Family Physician. He is a medical graduate of the University of the West Indies, who also holds a Masters in Palliative Care and Ethics, and a PhD in Bioethics & Experimental Medicine from McGill University in Canada. Dr. Aarons also received Clinical Ethics training at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada.

At the meeting the Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. June Samuel stated, “As we continue to increase and expand our clinical services at the BVIHSA, the Medical Services Department will continue to invite international professionals that will train and develop our workforce on all aspects of services we offer.”

She added, “Dr. Aarons’ level of expertise in clinical ethics will benefit the staff of the BVIHSA as we continue to provide medical care that will grow increasingly complex and bring staff face to face with ethical challenges and decisions which need to be taken.”

Dr. Aarons also presented on medical ethics at the Multidisciplinary Continued Medical Education (CME) Symposium held by the BVIHSA in collaboration with Baptist Health International and the BVI Medical and Dental Council in mid-November.

The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority is committed to providing the Virgin Islands community with medical services that meet international standards and regulations which will be achieved by continued development and training.'

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